School Visits

EB Lewis presents to schools all over the United States. Every year he demonstrates his artistic craft to thousands of young and eager minds. See if EB is presenting at a school near you. Or, contact us to have EB visit your school!

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Book Signings

With over 70 published books to his name, EB still thinks it very important to meet his readers. See where EB will be signing books next or invite EB to come sign books in your neighborhood.

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A natural-born teacher, EB Lewis teaches a plethora of classes and workshops every year. Also, by embracing today’s technologies, EB is now offering online workshops to a very limited number of applicants. Find a workshop near you or see the availability of EB’s online courses.

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Art Exhibits

EB’s fine artwork can be found on display at times throughout the year. Considered a master artist, the fine art of EB Lewis emotes a rich, cultural understanding of his surroundings and subjects. See exhibit information or contact EB about a potential exhibition.

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