The New King


Year Published: 1995
Written by: Doreen Rappaport
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

Currently out – of – print


When young Prince Rakoto is told of his father’s death, he cannot accept it. The new king gives his first orders to his royal advisers: “Bring my father back to life!” But of course they are unable to do so.

Rakoto then goes to the Wise Woman. And she tells him an enthralling Malagasy tale that helps him begin to accept what has happened.

Doreen Rappaport’s powerful story is illustrated with E.B. Lewis’s lush watercolors that sensitively portray nineteenth century Madagascar. The New King is a moving look at a child whose vision of life becomes bright again when he discovers a valuable lesson.


“Lewis’s light -filled watercolors show the spacious African landscape and also the intense feelings of individual people.”

“This gentle, beautifully illustrated book will have wide appeal and is suitable for any library.”–SKJ (Starred)

African Studies Association’s 1996 Children’s Book Award for Younger Children winner.