Sometimes my Mommy Gets Angry

sometimes my mommy gets angry

Year Published: 2003
Written by: Bebe Moore Campbell
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

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Some mornings, Annie’s mommy helps her get ready for school and makes pancakes for breakfast, and her smiles are as bright as sunshine. Other mornings, she acts like she has dark clouds inside, and doesn’t smile at all. Those days Annie has to be a big girl and make her own breakfast, and even put herself to bed at night.

But Annie’s grandma helps her remember what’s important, and her silly friends cheer her up. And no matter what, Annie knows that even when Mommy is angry on the outside, on the inside she never stops loving her.

E. B. Lewis’s luminous illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to Bebe Moore Campbell’s artful handling of the poignant story.