My Best Friend


Year Published: 2005
Written by: Mary Ann Rodman
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

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IT’S SUMMERTIME, and Lily has her best friend all picked out: Tamika. Tamika wears her hair in cornrows with beads. Tamika has a two-piece bathing suit with pink butterflies and three rows of ruffles. But Tamika already has a best friend. She hardly even notices Lily.

No matter how hard Lily tries to impress Tamika – from getting Mama to buy her a new bathing suit to having Daddy help her practice her dive – nothing works. Who will be Lily’s best friend?

Told in Lily’s honest voice and paired with dazzling watercolor illustrations by award-winning illustrator E. B. Lewis, My Best Friend will help children to understand that friendship is not always as simple as we wish.