Fire on the Mountain


Year Published: 1994
Written by: Jane Kurtz
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

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In Ethiopia, Alemayu and his sister live as servants in the house of a bad-tempered and boastful rich man. Challenged by his master, the boy wagers that he can survive a night alone in the bitter cold of the mountains. If Alemayu succeeds, he will be handsomely rewarded. But if he fails, he and his sister will be cast out of the rich man’s house. When their master claims a false victory, will Alemayu and his sister be able to outfox the rich man at his own game?

School Library Journal

“Lewis has done an outstanding job of capturing the warmth and simplicity of the tale through his beautiful watercolor paintings….[T]his is a well-written retelling that’s sure to be enjoyed.”

The Horn Book

“The sense of place is reinforced by the diction and by the landscapes depicted in the arrestingly beautiful watercolors. … A handsome and evocative book.”