Faraway Home


Year Published: 2000
Written by: Jane Kurtz
Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

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When Desta’s father thinks of home, he sees Ethiopia—a faraway land where pink clouds of flamingos can fill the evening sky, and stars burn bright holes in the dark cloth of night.

But America is the only home Desta knows. As her father prepares for a trip back to Ethiopia, Desta begins to worry. Where does he truly belong–in the village of his youth or here with her? Will her father’s love for his family be enough to bridge these two worlds and bring him back to her?

Publishers Weekly

“Lewis’s luminous watercolors light up this warm tale of family ties and the tug of homelands left behind….Lewis’s brush is dealt in a series of tender character portraits he reveals the affectionate bond between Desta and her father, and he illuminates the contrast between two cultures through his graceful landscapes.”